Office Organizer Help
Keyword Index

What Office Organizer is applied to
Registration and technical support
Software installation
  Installation and first run of the system
  Full version installation
Software settings
  Server settings
  The Settings utility for client software adjusting
  Database tab
  Network Tab
  Documents Tab
  Registration & About Program Tab
  Design tab
  Interface tab
  Application tab
  Mail tab
  System configuration
  Connecting the Server
  Connecting "1 to 1"
  Database Archive Setting
  Database Location and Setting
  Interface settings
Office Organizer description
  Office Organizer main menu
Main windows of the program
  Day plan window
  Mail program window
  Users Window
  Folders Window
Description of some functions
  Additional fields of the day plan
  Inputting and editing entries in the day plan
  Day plan printing out
  Opening document
  Mail message
  Interactive communication channel
  Several users working with one DB
  Changing the "Archive-DB" structure
  Date representation